Screen Printing

Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink blocking stencil. The attached stencil forms open areas of mesh that transfer ink as a sharp-edged image onto a substrate. A roller or squeegee is moved across the screen stencil forcing or pumping ink past the threads of the woven mesh in the open areas. It is currently popular both in fine arts and in commercial printing, where it is commonly used to print images on T-shirts, hats and many other types of clothing. This process is much different from the “iron-on” silk-screening applications that would peel and crack over time. With Screen Printing your design becomes a permanent part of the fabric on which it is placed.

Below you will see an example of a shirt that was made using a custom design that the client wanted to have silk screened on the front and back of several shirts.

SSC 07 Polo with SS Logo front
Official Logo on Gray T 003

Beautiful Auke Lake near Juneau, AK.
Photo by Marc Mulkey

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